What Are The Necessary Steps If Your Hardware Driver Is Missing?

Drivers are basically small programs that are being communicated with the computer's operating system. Hardware devices are needed to be installed to your computer including the Ethernet adapters, the video cards and the audio devices. Below are few steps which you need to follow before installing the hardware drivers.

1. First of all, you need to check the category of the hardware device.
Then click on "start" button and then go to the "control panel". There you can double click on "the system" after that you are requested to click on the "device manager" under the "hardware" tab. You are just required to scroll through the hardware devices and from an array of hardware devices you need to choose some particular device among them. There is a yellow question mark or the sign of exclamation that is going to appear at the side of device that clearly indicates that a problem has occurred.

2. In the next step, you need to right click on the "properties" tab. Then go to the "general" tab. Then again have a look at the category of the device. If a device driver is really missing, the condition will be described as "the device is not working properly". The reason is that the driver is yet to be installed or the device is malfunctioning or the driver that has been installed currently is a corrupted one.

3. Now, you are required to click on the "details" tab and notice carefully the model and the established version of the device. A hardware device is usually provided with the specific installation CD, but if you lost the installation CD or if you find it corrupted, all you need to do is to download the device driver from the internet.

4. In the next step, you are required to place the installation CD on the optical drive such as in CDs, DVD-ROM and therefore run the installer. If the installation CD is not in your possession, you can just open a web browser and therefore navigate the website of the manufacturer. For instance, if a device is manufactured by the MSI, this driver may be available in the All you need to do is to type the version of the driver that you need in the "search" box of the website.

5. You can actually download and save the EXE file to your local drive in the computer you are using. If the desired driver is not available from the website of the manufacturer, you can download it from or may be from the If you are still having problem in downloading it, you need to try for other download sites in search of it.

6. Now your work starts with the EXE file in order to install the device driver. In that case do not forget to follow the instruction unless it is completed. Then you need to restart the computer and come back to the device manager. If you see that there is no more appearance of the question mark beside the name of the device, you may rest assured that, you have successfully installed the device driver.

7. In order to check this, you can double click on the "properties" tab and under the category it should show that "the device is working properly".

For more information you can contact a professional remote tech support or a pc technical support executive who will help you to make you understand about the procedure.

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